This is where it all begins. Do not try to make any sense of it. It is what it is. The beginning. An angst to call people to an event, to call their attention to something or somebody. A simple flyer. And because it flies, the post had to be stapled onto the wooden poll.

The poll is tilted, perhaps from its due time diligently hanging electric wires. The posts were pierced. Many times. Actually, it was stapled many times. Many types of staples. Staples from Staples; even staples from Home Depot.

There nails are the intruders. They give the piercing on the poll a medieval look. Small heads, big heads. Small posts, big posts. The eventual and mysterious screw. Its washer. Metal posts, perhaps. Very few reminiscences from the last post posted to that poll.

And this is where it all begins. The Chappaqua Post.