Impromptu on Santa Fe (TX)

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Another school shooting. By kids against kids. I keep trying to imagine the conversation between the plotters of the mass killing.

— Yo, yo. Know what? We could pull the head off those fuckin morons and the teachers and all, just like, just like in Florida, man. Blow every head off their necks.

— You fuckin crazy, dude. Wanna spend the rest of your life in prison. No fuckin way. Its like, crazy dude stuff, like, I ain’t that crazy. Get real.

— I mean it, bro. Its just like getting my dads pieces in the closet, riding out, like, when we get there noone is gonna say we cant get in. We are like, students, right, man? So. We go in, choose a classroom, just anyone, kick the door, and just go, dude. Like that dude in that old movie… what is his name, my dad loves that shit… The big black guy with a mustache… what’s his name? 

— I know. You are thinking of Manuel, Samuel, … Samuel Jackson. He was playing John Travolta’s partner. 

— Yeah, that’s the one. All we got to do is like, get in there, kick the door wide open, and start shooting at everything that moves. Fortnite Battle Royale, man. Imagine if we could take a flying bus and parachute in there. Awesome. 

— Sure. Mr. Pulp Fiction playing the blondy handsome Fortnite hero smashing through the roof of Mrs. Whatever’s classroom. Stop tripping, dude.

— Tripping? Man! We’re doing this tomorrow! Come on! You ever shoot a gun?

— Yeah, once in a range with my dad. 

— There you go. I will take my dad’s pistol and you take his 38. You give me cover. No talking, no nothing, Nike stuff. Just do it. 

— I don’t know. I’m like. I am scared, man.

— Com’on, bro. Easy gig. After we shoot we run to the bathroom, get rid of the pieces and mix into the frantic crowd. Students. They will never know who’s done it.

— Fuck. You’re crazy. 

— Mother fucker, I think you are the crazy one. If you, like, don’t back me up on this enterprise, I will fuckin blow your brains out, ok?

— Sure.

— Don’t you dare me, bitch.

— Whatever. You’re still crazy.

— And you, bro, are gonna be the crazy man’s partner. Let’s go. Wanna crash over?

— I guess so. It’s my best shot of demoting you from this idea.

— No demoting. We’re doing this. It is gonna be the most awesome thing you ever did in your life.

— Shit.

— They are the ones who will shit in their pants when we get their. Not you. Understood.

— Yup. 

— Lets get some sleep. 

— Night

— Night. This is going to be awesome.

— Sure.

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