A reasonable plot for a superhero in 2018

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1. Melanja finds herself a(nother?) lover, who convinces her to drop the superhero and go live a romantic life in Slovenja.images.jpeg

2. Ivana finds out about the plan before the superhero, blackmails him with it, who has no choice but to remarry his former wife. In order to legalize the re-engagement, Melanja is declared MIA by American governmental authorities.

3. Ivanka speaks out against her parents remarriage, and declares herself candidate to the Presidency in 2020. Sarah Palin endorses the rebellious daughter.


4. Jared disagrees, calls the bid “precocious” and asks for a divorce. Paparazzi pictures of Jared and Melanja schmoozing become public. He flees to Slovenja. Melanja, in the meanwhile, is located at JFK minutes before her plane takes off to Ljubljana. She has no comments.

5. Ivanka and her father meet at the White House. Ivanka declares that “no progress has been made”. There are “irreconcilable differences”. Paul Ryan reportedly meets with Ivanka the next day, and endorses her bid.

6. The superhero goes to Westchester for some golf. He needs to “process what is going on in his family”. Ivana declares it is time to “get over with publicizing family business” and that Ivanka “is a grown girl, she knows what she is doing”.

7. The superhero shoots a 93 and, while having a piss in the locker room, he has an insight. He rushes off to the White House.

8. The superhero forges his insight as he approaches the Oval Office. He heads back to New York.

9. In the car, on his way to the airport, the superhero decides to tweet and stir some press.

10.  The superhero grimaces. Happy 2018. #ivanka2020images-1.jpeg



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